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Constructive peculiarities and advantages of feed-water economizer TGH

1. Double walls of the isolating surface can be easilu removed to check the state of coil pipes.

2. Encapsulated unit of the upper cap gasketed during the assemblage with high-temperature embedding compounds for extra isolation and prevention of a leak flow

3. Mounting flange simplifies the wiring hookup of the system of economizers into a battery or to the common line.

4. Single string composition helps to avoid blinding of gills and simplifies cleaning.

5. Every piped head for input and output of liquid is aggrandize to reduce pressure losses.

6. Jointing sleeves have gags to protect pipe thread.

7. Finned pipes have segment gills or ones spirally coiled with various distances between gills. Pipes are made of carbon steel. Aluminium gills improve the efficiency of thermal conductivity and intensify the heat exchange.

8. Interceptor allows to bypass hot gases through the section of non-finned pipes.

9. Coils separators guarantee fization of coils and separation of gills from contact.

10. Build-in damper is aimed at pressure stabilization and heat return regulation, it measures the volume of gas moving to the outside and guarantees abort widening of the pass. It is located in centre for two-way or on the upper part of the pipe for one-way. Settings of the damper can be regulated manually or be controlled automatically.

Figure 1. Eonomizer TGH structure


Figure 2. Economizer installation plan

Economizer is a mechanizm heated by the products of fuel combustion; it is aimed at heating of feedwater that comes into the steam generator.

Economizers are used as tail heat surface of stationary steam generators with the proposed pressure up to 24 bar. Economizers consist of pachages of finned pipes interconnected and bound into a frame with heat-retention lagging. The lagging is made from stainless steel. The construction implies the presence of damper for dew point control, a pressure-relief valve, clack valves.

The use of the economizer guarantees the reduction of the use of fuel of 5-6% depending from the temperature of the waste off-gases.

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