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Cold weather always comes suddenly. In winter a ready-mix plant sometimes receives sand and crushed stone mixed with snow and ice. Temperature in the water supply falls down to 5 °C. Concrete batching must be done in a matter of a minute, so the components need to be instantly heated up to 50 °C. To heat 300 liters of water together with cement, sand and crushed stone every minute? Yes, it is possible. A non-stop factory thanks to one compact steam generator by Interblock.

Interblock has devised a solution which enables one steam
to simultaneously heat a water tank and several
tanks with crushed stone and sand by producing
0,15 – 2,5 tons of steam per hour using either
gas or diesel fuel.

With a dual-fuel steam generator, a new factory can start working immediately using diesel. After gasification of the factory, readjustment of Interblock steam generator for gas consumption is done over one day. After that, switching from one fuel to another takes just 20 minutes.

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