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We offer a technology that will allow you to reduce energy expenditures (natural gas, propane, diesel oil) in any field of application for more than 50% in comparison with common usage of boilers.

We offer a technology that will allow you to reduce energy expenditures (natural gas, propane, diesel oil) in any field of application for more than 50% in comparison with common usage of boilers.

What enables you to utilize this new technology that provides higher level of energy saving is Steam Generator run ST with frequency converter.

Steam Generators run ST have GOST Russia Certificate of Conformity, authorization for the use of a technical device from Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision, technical certificate and service instruction.

We draw your attention to small size and economical efficiency of steam generators. We deliver steam generators to place of destination in the assembled condition and ready for operation. It takes 2-3 days to introduce them into service.

It is possible to fulfill order of ordered items with burner for natural gas and diesel oil. Fuel changing lasts 20-30 minutes.

Steam system consists of blowing engine, gas and water induction system, and heatproof combustion chamber. While in operation blowing engine blows air to combustion chamber, where it is mixed with fuel.

Steam-and-gas mixture burning is conducted under control of electronic monitoring system, which regulates water supply and its dissemination through injector component into bottom part of the chamber, immediately into incandescent gas, where flash vaporization takes place. The resulting gas-vapor mixture goes to the consumer. Flame products are not mixed with steam and are not thrown to the atmosphere. The pressure of gas-vapor mixture at the system output does not surpass 0,7 atm, therefore immediate-action steam generators are not subject to boil inspection.

To enable steam generators functioning 3 elements are needed:
Natural gas, propane under the pressure of 1,8 2,2 atm or diesel oil
electric power supply 380 V, 50 Hz
industrial water under the pressure of 3,5 am.

Fuel natural gas, propane, diesel oil

Starting time 30 seconds

Efficiency 99%

Vapor pressure 0,010,07 MPa

Steam temperature up to 150 °

Equivalent steam-generating capacity - 0,5 2,5 tph

Heat energy 290 1450 kilowatt / hour

Do not require chimney flue or special facilities

Available both in stationary or container version

Weight 1,68 3,77 t

Specific emission: CO up to 9 ppm, NOx up to 9 ppm

The technology provides immediate steam supply (operating condition after 30 seconds after switching the generator on). Thus there is no need in maintaining slow running regime of the equipment.
Actual output regulation is made up of 2 steps (2:1). Operational temperature of the gas-vapor mixture at the output is 150.

Water heating for technological needs and warming takes place in an atmospheric vessel: immediate steam supply through perforate liners (barbotage). The temperature of the water heated reaches 80. The vessel is fabricated by the customer according to sketches of supplier of equipment.

The technology does not require chimney flues. Complicated systems of water conditioning or deaeration are not needed. Steam generators run ST are stocked with simple systems of water softening.

Possible fuel used natural gas, propane or diesel fuel. Procurement of dual fuel steam generators with burners for natural gas and diesel oil.

Currently steam generator run ST is one of the most reliable and cost-effective in his category (if we consider the criterion "energy expenditures" "efficiency"). This guarantees profound reduction of production prime cost and equipment short payback period.

Warranty period of steam generators run ST: 24 months.

Main technical characteristics and size

Model ST-350H ST-102H ST-302H ST-502H
Heating power (kW) 98 290 870 1450
Heating power (Gcal) 0.09 0.25 0.75 1.25
Evaporative capacity (t / h) 0.15 0.5 1.5 2.5
Consumed electric power (kW) 3 7 15 35
Water consumption (l / min) 2 4 12 19
Maximum natural gas consumption (m3/h) 10 28 85 142
Maximum propane consumption (l / h) 15 34 100 170
Maximum diesel fuel consumption (l / h) 8 23 69 115
Weight (t) 0.54 1.68 2.18 3.77
Size: – length (m) 1.52 1.83 2.03 2.33
– width (m) 1.22 1.42 1.77 1.98
– height (m) 1.22 1.67 1.88 2.03

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