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Still feeding the atmosphere with steam? Is it inevitable indeed? What is the reason for producing and paying for extra steam? Meanwhile a mid-size concrete plant burns away around 30,000 dollars on extra fuel each year. INTERBLOCK saves that money.

Solutions by INTERBLOCK bring fuel savings up to 35% for concrete
plants. And this is not only due to effective generation of heat.
The most important feature of ST series steam
is instant adjustment of output
according to current needs. Also, they
produce steam in 15 seconds after
switching on instead of long
idle work.

Energy saving is necessary for all markets, but for concrete plants it is the issue of life and death. Concrete products have to be heated with steam for 13 hours in accordance with the specific temperature profile:
(1) heating for 3 hours,
(2) high temperature retention for 6 hours,
(3) cooling for 4 hours.

Respectively to such a profile the output of steam generation must be flexibly changeable:
(1) initially, set up to maximum,
(2) after the first 3 hours, adjusted down to minimum,
(3) after subsequent 6 hours reduced to zero.

However, traditional steam boilers cannot produce steam depending on variable demand. Their transition from one operation mode to another takes around 6090 minutes. Steam boilers are very slow. Being used at concrete plants they consume a lot of extra fuel. This is why INTERBLOCK substitutes steam-boilers with principally other heaters namely, instantly performing ST series steam generators.

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